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Our methodology is assembled in the same way we approach staffing evaluation. We create authentic learning experiences that build on well-known best practices and the foundational elements of design found in indigenous ethnic cultures throughout the world.

Brigham & Associates LLC uses an asset-based approach

We focus on what can work and the strong points of the communities our partners are focused on to ensure a strengths-based approach is embedded in our process. We follow the African proverb “I am because we are and we are because I am.” This ensures that no matter the community in question when we scope an evaluation we remember that we are integrally connected to the communities we work alongside. The ripple effect of our outcomes will ultimately impact us all, we can only thrive as a collective if the individuals can thrive independently. As a team, we ask ourselves the following questions about any scope of work or project plan.

  • How does the evaluation plan maintain, disrupt or improve harmony in the specific ecosystem?

  • How does our methodological design show value for human beings above and beyond their assigned social or economic status?

  • Will this project disrupt the oneness of the community members' minds body and spirits?

  • Does the evaluation honor the consciousness of choice for impacted stakeholders with regard to whether things are being done to or with the community?

  • How does the evaluation demonstrate knowledge of the culture in which we are working?

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